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Year 4 Course Restrictions

Courses available only to Year 4 Honours Religion and Culture students (non-honours students may enrol with permission of the department.): RE400, RE424, RE432, RE449, RE455, RE477*, RE490.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
RE100 Religions of the Americas: Indigenous, African and European 0.5
RE101 Religions of the Americas: Asian and Middle Eastern 0.5
RE103 Love and Its Myths 0.5
RE104 Evil and Its Symbols 0.5
RE105 Religion and Cinematic Culture 0.5
RE106 Religion and Visual Culture 0.5
RE200 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament 0.5
RE201 Introduction to the New Testament 0.5
RE202 The Legacy of the Bible: Liberation and Oppression 0.5
RE203 Science and Religion 0.5
RE204 Introduction to Judaism 0.5
RE207 Studying Religion 0.5
RE208 Roots of Western Religions 0.5
RE211 Indigenous Religions 0.5
RE212 World Religions in Global Perspective 1.0
RE213 Religious Heritage of Islam 0.5
RE214 Bahá'í Religion in Its Cultural Settings 0.5
RE215 Christianity and Culture: Early to Pre-Modern 0.5
RE216 Christianity and Modern Culture 0.5
RE220 Religion and Popular Culture 0.5
RE224 Gendering the Divine 0.5
RE225 Canada's Religious Heritage 0.5
RE227 Religions and Cultures of the Middle East 0.5
RE230 The Religious Individual 0.5
RE233 Stories and the Sacred 0.5
RE236 Christian Ethics and Canadian Social Problems 0.5
RE246 Ritual and the Arts in South Asian Religions 0.5
RE250 Origins and Development of Buddhism 0.5
RE251 Asian Religions: China and Japan 0.5
RE255 The Hindu Tradition 0.5
RE265 Cults, Sects and New Religious Movements 0.5
RE285 Religion and Culture of the African Diaspora 0.5
RE288 Religion and Culture Abroad 1.0
RE298 Zen Meditation, Zen Art 0.5
RE300 Readings in Religious Studies 0.5
RE304 Judaism in the Modern World 0.5
RE307 Reading Religious Texts 0.5
RE308 Conducting Fieldwork 0.5
RE312 The Human Life Cycle and Religious Development 0.5
RE313 Grief, Death and Dying 0.5
RE316 Ritual Studies 0.5
RE317 Mennonite Culture 0.5
RE318 Canadian Native Religious Traditions 0.5
RE319 Rites of Passage 0.5
RE320 Religion and Cultural Studies 0.5
RE321 Gandhi: Non-Violence and the Struggle for Freedom 0.5
RE330 Controversial Religious Issues and Movements 0.5
RE331 Religious Diversity in Contemporary Canada 0.5
RE332 Sacred Space 0.5
RE333 Food and Religion 0.5
RE335 Jesus of Nazareth 0.5
RE336 Religious Experience 0.5
RE337 Asian Spiritual Practices 0.5
RE338 Islamic Mysticism 0.5
RE342 Directed Studies 0.5
RE344 Apocalypticism 0.5
RE348 Psychology and Religion 0.5
RE349 Special Topics in Religion and Culture 0.5
RE366 Religion and Violence 0.5
RE372 Women's Lives and Religious Values 0.5
RE374 Religion and Sexuality 0.5
RE377 Gender and Islam 0.5
RE380 Religion and Social Change 0.5
RE400 Writing in Religious Studies 0.5
RE407 Research Seminar 1.0
RE424 Seminar in Buddhism 0.5
RE432 Seminar in Contemporary Christianity 0.5
RE449 Special Topics in Religion and Culture 0.5
RE455 Seminar in Hinduism 0.5
RE477 Seminar in Field Research on Religion 1.0
RE490 Directed Study in Religion and Culture 0.5