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Notes: EC Courses

A set of regulations concerning course requirements is available from the department.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
EC120 Introduction to Microeconomics 0.5
EC140 Introduction to Macroeconomics 0.5
EC205 Introduction to Applied Statistics 0.5
EC207 Economic Development 0.5
EC223 Economics of the Canadian Banking and Financial System 0.5
EC227 Economic Development of Europe 0.5
EC233 Public Economics: Expenditure 0.5
EC236 Economics and Demography 0.5
EC238 Environmental Economics 0.5
EC239 Introduction to International Trade 0.5
EC245 Applied Econometrics 0.5
EC246 Economics of Inequality [1] 0.5
EC247 Historical Development of the International Economy 0.5
EC248 Economics of Health 0.5
EC249 International Finance 0.5
EC250 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis for Management 0.5
EC255 Managerial Statistics 0.5
EC260 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis for Management 0.5
EC270 Microeconomic Theory I 0.5
EC285 Introductory Statistics 0.5
EC290 Intermediate Macroeconomics I: Static Analysis 0.5
EC295 Introductory Econometrics [2] 0.5
EC301 Transportation Economics 0.5
EC303 Economic Evaluation in the Public Sector 0.5
EC304 Industrial Organization 0.5
EC305 Behavioural Economics 0.5
EC306 Economics of Wages and Employment 0.5
EC307 Economics of Growth 0.5
EC310 Special Topics in Economics 0.5
EC313 Public Economics: Taxation 0.5
EC315 Forecasting Methods 0.5
EC316 Economics and Gender 0.5
EC318 Natural Resource Economics 0.5
EC322 Economic Analysis of Law 0.5
EC325 Game Theory and Economics 0.5
EC327 History of Economic Analysis 0.5
EC328 Economics of Education 0.5
EC335 Economics of Management and Strategy 0.5
EC345 Mathematical Economics 0.5
EC355 Intermediate Econometrics 0.5
EC370 Microeconomic Theory II 0.5
EC381 Economic Research Methodology 0.5
EC390 Intermediate Macroeconomics II: Dynamic Analysis 0.5
EC410 Special Advanced Topics in Economics 0.5
EC450 Advanced Macroeconomics 0.5
EC451 Applied Economic Research 0.5
EC455 Advanced Econometrics I: Time Series Analysis 0.5
EC470 Advanced Microeconomic Theory 0.5
EC480 Directed Research 0.5
EC481 Research Paper and Seminar 0.5
EC490 Directed Research/Major Project 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Senate Revision May 28, 2015: EC246 Title and description change; effective September 1, 2015. 

  2. Senate Deletion May 28, 2015: EC295 Prerequisite MA130 deleted; effective September 1, 2015.