University Interdisciplinary Courses

Newly-developed junior and senior level 0.5-credit interdisciplinary courses in the humanities or social sciences are available. These unassigned university credit courses have no specific department or faculty.

For senior courses, students apply to an Interdisciplinary Course Committee to register for the course. Only students with a 9.00 GPA or higher and a minimum of 8.0 university credits will normally be considered for registration in these courses.

Department Information on this page
Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
IP300 Integrative Seminar in International Policy [1] 0.5
SL100 Introduction to Social Welfare 1.0
UU101 Perspectives on Sustainability 0.5
UU150 Foundations for Community Engagement and Service 0.5
UU300 Special Topic 0.5
UU401 Germany Today and the Legacy of Nazism: An Interdisciplinary Approach 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Senate Addition May 28, 2015: IP300 New course; effective September 1, 2015.