Bachelor of Education


Full-Time Faculty

Course Selection

Course selection for the teacher education program is based on Ontario Legislation (Regulation 347/02), dialogue with the Ontario College of Teachers Accreditation Division, and current research on effective teacher education practices. Integration among the individual courses will be actively sought by the course instructors. All methods courses include common themes related to the conceptual framework.

Teaching Methods Courses for the Junior/Intermediate Program

Teaching Methods Courses (i.e., "Teachables")
Teacher Education Candidates in the Junior/Intermediate Program must select ONE Teaching Methods course appropriate for their identified teaching subject specialization from EU460 to EU467.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
EU401 Learning and Child Development 0.5
EU402 School and Society 0.5
EU404 Professional Learning Seminar [1] 0.5
EU405 General Teaching Methods 0.25
EU406 Equity and Diversity in Schools 0.25
EU407 Perspectives on Learners with Exceptionalities 0.25
EU410 Language and Literacy Education I 0.5
EU411 Language and Literacy Education II 0.25
EU412 Mathematics Education I 0.5
EU413 Mathematics Education II 0.25
EU414 Social Studies Education I 0.25
EU415 Science and Technology Education I 0.25
EU421 Mathematics, Science and Technology 0.5
EU422 Teaching for the Arts 0.25
EU423 Health and Physical Education 0.25
EU430 Literacy Intervention 0.25
EU431 English Language Learning 0.25
EU432 Using Technology for Teaching and Learning 0.25
EU433 Outdoor and Environmental Education 0.25
EU434 Social Studies Education II 0.25
EU435 Science and Technology Education II 0.25
EU436 French as a Second Language 0.5
EU437 Vocal Music Education 0.25
EU438 Gifted Education 0.25
EU439 Teaching in Kindergarten 0.25
EU440 Teaching in Ontario Catholic Schools 0.25
EU441 Assessment 0.25
EU442 Classroom Management 0.25
EU450 Field Placement Experience 0.0
EU451 Practicum 0.0
EU451A Practicum 0.0
EU451B Practicum 0.0
EU451C Practicum 0.0
EU452 Transitional Placement 0.0
EU453 August Professional Teaching Orientation Week 0.0
EU454 May Professional Development Day 0.0
EU460 Teaching Methods: Language Literacy/English 0.5
EU462 Teaching Methods: Mathematics 0.5
EU463 Teaching Methods: Health and Physical Education 0.5
EU464 Teaching Methods: Social Studies, History and Geography 0.5
EU465 Teaching Methods: Science and Technology 0.5
EU466 Teaching Methods: French as a Second Language 0.5
EU467 Teaching Methods: Vocal and Instrumental Music 0.5
EU499 Special Topics 0.25

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Senate Revision November 26, 2013: EU404 course description change; effective September 1, 2013.