Department of English & Film Studies

The English Studies program offers students the opportunity to explore British, American, Canadian and other literatures from the Medieval period to the present. In keeping with the lively and vibrant developments in English studies, our undergraduate courses are organized in various ways: according to historical periods, national literatures, genres, themes and theoretical issues. The undergraduate English program encourages the development of skills in interpreting a variety of literary and cultural works, including fiction, film, drama, poetry, non-fiction, and the historical, political, cultural, and discursive frameworks determining their composition and reception. Courses introduce students to cross-cultural approaches, particularly in the context of postcolonial and global texts, and to the close analysis of the language and form of complex texts. Students also engage strategically with a variety of theories of writing, reading, and representation, and conduct independent research, including evaluating a variety of resources (print, audio-visual, and virtual). These skills promote intellectual growth, interdisciplinary thinking, and successful careers after university.

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Department of English & Film Studies

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Notes: EN Courses

Senior English courses are not normally available to Year 1 students. Courses at the 400 level are open only to Year 4 students.

Seminar Courses

The following 400 level courses are studies of an advanced nature, conducted in small participating groups in which significant topics of literary interest are explored through reading primary and secondary sources.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
EN119 Reading Fiction 0.5
EN120 Reading Poetry 0.5
EN121 Reading Drama 0.5
EN165 Enriched Literary Studies: Elements and Approaches 0.5
EN200 The Experience of Poetry 0.5
EN201 Children's Literature [1] 0.5
EN203 Tragic Drama 0.5
EN204 Strategies in Analysis of Effective Writing 0.5
EN205 Studies in Stylistics 0.5
EN207 Comic Drama 0.5
EN209 Special Topics 0.5
EN210 Literature and Social Change 0.5
EN211 Postcolonial Literatures 0.5
EN213 African Child: Fictions & Representations [2] 0.5
EN218 Contemporary American Literature 0.5
EN220 Reading Culture: Strategies and Approaches 0.5
EN221 Women and Print Culture 0.5
EN222 Texts and Representations 0.5
EN225 The Woman Writer: Theory and Practice 0.5
EN226 Women in Fiction 0.5
EN231 Arthurian Traditions 0.5
EN233 Shakespeare's Comedies and Romances: Gender and Genre 0.5
EN234 Shakespeare's Tragedies and History Plays 0.5
EN235 Shakespeare and Company 0.5
EN236 Shakespeare and Film 0.5
EN238 Tolkien and Fantasy 0.5
EN245 The English Literary Tradition I 0.5
EN246 The English Literary Tradition II 0.5
EN249 Mystery and Crime Fiction [3] 0.5
EN252 Multicultural Literary Perspectives [4] 0.5
EN263 Canadian Fiction Before 1980 0.5
EN265 American Literature to 1900 0.5
EN266 American Literature of the Early 20th Century 0.5
EN267 Contemporary Canadian Fiction 0.5
EN268 Canadian Poetry in English 0.5
EN270 Canadian Drama in English 0.5
EN280 Indigenous Writers in English 0.5
EN281 Cyborg Fictions 0.5
EN285 Tween Literature and Culture [5] 0.5
EN286 Young Adult Literature [6] 0.5
EN292 Early Romantic Literature 0.5
EN293 Later Romantic Literature 0.5
EN295 Drama of the Romantic Period 0.5
EN296 Prose Narrative in the Romantic Period 0.5
EN298 British Literature 1900-1920 0.5
EN299 British Literature 1920-1939 0.5
EN300 Narrative Forms 0.5
EN301 Literary Theory 0.5
EN309 Special Topics 0.5
EN310 The Politics of Transgression and Desire 0.5
EN313 West African Literatures & Cultures [7] 0.5
EN322 Origins of Modern Drama 0.5
EN324 Canadian Women's Writing 0.5
EN325 Fiction by Minority Women: Feminist Theory and Cultural Practice 0.5
EN326 Contemporary Drama 0.5
EN330 Human Rights in Contemporary Cultural Forms 0.5
EN344 18th-Century Fiction 0.5
EN345 The British Novel in the 19th Century 0.5
EN346 The Novel after 1900 0.5
EN347 The Narratives of Empire 0.5
EN350 Medieval Drama 0.5
EN370 Creative Writing: Poetry 0.5
EN371 Creative Writing: Short Story 0.5
EN372 History of the English Language [8] 0.5
EN373 Old English II: Literature in Context 0.5
EN381 The Wired Text: Narrative Theory and New Media [9] 0.5
EN388 Restoration and 18th-Century Literature 0.5
EN390 Chaucer I: The Canterbury Tales 0.5
EN391 Chaucer II: Romances, Dream-Vision and Other Works 0.5
EN392 Writers of the Middle Ages 0.5
EN393 Literature of the 16th Century 0.5
EN394 Studies in the 17th-Century: Drama 0.5
EN395 17th-Century Literature 0.5
EN396 Mid-Victorian Literature: Culture and Anarchy 0.5
EN397 Later Victorian Literature: Dissonance and Decadence 0.5
EN398 Modernism to Postmodernism 0.5
EN399 Postmodern Narratives and Theory [10] 0.5
EN400 Studies in Language and Discourse 0.5
EN409 Special Topics 0.5
EN410 Topics in Gender 0.5
EN420 Topics in Genre 0.5
EN430 Studies of an Individual Author 0.5
EN440 Advanced Studies of a Period 0.5
EN450 Texts and Contexts 0.5
EN460 Topics in Culture 0.5
EN470 Topics in Theory 0.5
EN489 Directed Study 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Senate Addition May 28, 2013: EN201 Course description change; effective September 1, 2013

  2. Senate Addition May 28, 2013: EN213 New course; effective September 1, 2013

  3. Senate Addition May 28, 2013: EN249 New course; effective September 1, 2013

  4. Senate Addition May 28, 2013: EN252 New course; effective September 1, 2013

  5. Senate Addition May 28, 2013: EN285 New course; effective September 1, 2013

  6. Senate Addition May 28, 2013: EN286 New course; effective September 1, 2013

  7. Senate Addition May 28, 2013: EN313 New course; effective September 1, 2013

  8. Senate Revision May 28, 2013: EN372 Title and description change; effective September 1, 2013.

  9. Senate Addition May 28, 2013: EN381 New course; effective September 1, 2013

  10. Senate Revision May 28, 2013: EN399 Title and description change; effective September 1, 2013.