Communication Studies

Communication Studies is the interdisciplinary study of language, media and culture. How we communicate provides the foundation for forms of community, our institutions and modes of governance, and interaction in the local and global economies. Communication is also necessary to the production and reproduction of culture. In order to understand how social forces, organizations, and cultures operate, we must first understand the role communication plays in their formation.
The program at Laurier offers a four-year honours degree, and a four-year combined honours degree in which Communication Studies is combined with another honours specialization. The department also offers an innovative MA program with emphases in visual communication and culture, and media, technology and culture.

Honours BA and Minor:

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
CS100 Introduction to Media History 0.5
CS101 Mass Communication in Canada 0.5
CS202 Nonverbal Communication 0.5
CS203 Conceptual Issues in Communication 0.5
CS204 History of Communication Thought 0.5
CS206 Public Communication 0.5
CS207 Media and Society 0.5
CS212 Language, Communication and Culture 0.5
CS213 Technology and Society 0.5
CS235 Communication Research Methods 0.5
CS251 Introduction to Visual Culture 0.5
CS260 Communication, Culture, Policy 0.5
CS304 Canadian Communication Thought 0.5
CS308 Sociology of Mass Communication 0.5
CS310 Globalization & Communication 0.5
CS312 Image, Sound, Text 0.5
CS315 Print Communication and Culture 0.5
CS322 Gender, Communication and Culture 0.5
CS323 Media and Communication Ethics 0.5
CS325 Digital Media and Culture 0.5
CS333 Alternative Media 0.5
CS340 Special Topics 0.5
CS341 Critical Advertising Studies 0.5
CS350 Political Economy of Communication and Culture 0.5
CS351 Visual Communication and Culture 0.5
CS352 Television Studies 0.5
CS400 Senior Seminar in Communication Studies 0.5
CS401 Advanced Communication History and Theory 0.5
CS402 Advanced Visual Communication 0.5
CS403 Advanced Global Communication and Media 0.5
CS405 Research Seminar 0.5
CS429 Directed Studies 0.5