Anthropology Program

Anthropology opens students to the many ways in which people in different places and different times have gone about the task of being human. Anthropologists explore human nature and human society through the comparative study of such things as family, marriage, religious and spiritual practices, livelihoods, creativity, settlement of legal disputes, human-environment interactions, social power and inequality both locally and globally, and much more. Anthropology at Laurier is a unique program in Canada. It specializes in researching and teaching the ethnography of the contemporary world. Our mission is to equip students with the tools for understanding and intervening in an increasingly global and interconnected world. More than the comparative study of specific cultures, contemporary anthropology deals with the study of the global flows of goods, persons, and ideas. Our research and teaching emphasize how, through the techniques of ethnographic fieldwork, we can connect the complexity of everyday life to large-scale patterns and processes. Anthropology links theoretical analysis and forms of representation through the hands-on practical experience of participant observation, emphasizing how the unique phenomenon of ethnographic fieldwork can encompass qualitative and quantitative methods of research and analysis. 

Combined Honours BA and Minor:

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Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
AN101 Sociocultural Anthropology 0.5
AN104 Worlds of Ethnography: Experiencing Culture 0.5
AN200 Key Concepts in Contemporary Anthropology 0.5
AN201 Aboriginal Peoples of Canada: Ethnohistorical Perspectives 0.5
AN202 Foundations of Anthropological Thought 0.5
AN224 Anthropology of the Lifecourse 0.5
AN229 Aboriginal Peoples of Canada: Contemporary Issues 0.5
AN232 Special Topics 0.5
AN235 North American Prehistory 0.5
AN237 Cross-cultural Studies of Change 0.5
AN241 City Life and Urban Space 0.5
AN242 Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism 0.5
AN243 Law, Culture and Society 0.0
AN307 Special Topics in Anthropology 0.5
AN312 Language, Culture and Society 0.5
AN316 Art, Anthropology and Material Culture 0.5
AN322 Religion, Ritual and Magic 0.5
AN324 Symbolic Systems and Ideologies 0.5
AN326 Culture as Performance 0.5
AN327 Directed Studies in Anthropology 0.5
AN328 Anthropology and Visual Culture 0.5
AN333 Human Rights I: Canadian Responsibility 0.5
AN334 Folklore, Myth and Oral Narrative 0.5
AN336 Culture, Power and Politics 0.5
AN340 Contemporary Issues in India 0.5
AN341 Kinship, Marriage and Gender 0.5
AN342 Africa at the Crossroads 0.5
AN343 Culture and Society in Latin America 0.5
AN344 Writing Cultures 0.5
AN345 Life after Socialism 0.5
AN346 Transnationalism and Cosmopolitanism 0.5
AN347 Science, Technology and Culture 0.5
AN348 Space, Place and Culture 0.5
AN350 Violence and Terrorism 0.5
AN410 Ethnographic Methods in Sociocultural Anthropology 0.5
AN450 Contemporary Theory and Ethnography 0.5
AN454 Classics in Ethnography 0.5
AN455 Directed Studies 0.5
AN456 Applied Anthropology 0.5
AN458 Special Topics in Anthropology 0.5
AN461 The Anthropology of the Body 0.5
AN463 Environments, Environmentalisms and Nature/culture 0.5
AN464 Cultures of the Modern Imaginary 0.5
AN465 Cultures of Business and Work 0.5
AN467 Culture, Ethics and Morality 0.5
AN491 Major Research Paper 0.5