Spanish (Lang/Lit)
Department of Languages & Literatures

As one of the most spoken languages in the world, Spanish is becoming more and more essential to many careers within the areas of arts, education, business, science, social work and more. Students who study Spanish in the Department of Languages & Literatures not only develop vital skills in speaking, writing, reading, and listening, but they also acquire an understanding for the language, literary texts, and cultures represented throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Moreover, students obtain the breadth of knowledge that is essential when perusing graduate degrees in related areas (e.g., Latin American or Peninsular Literature, Hispanic Studies, Spanish Linguistics, etc.). The department offers an Honours BA in Spanish, an Honours BA in Spanish in combination with another Honours BA program, and minors in Spanish and Business Spanish. In addition, students have the option to pursue a certificate in Business Spanish issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid, for which the Department is the sole representative. Spanish also forms part of the Honours BA in Languages program.

Honours BA and Minors:

Department of Languages & Literatures

Full-Time Faculty - Wilfrid Laurier University Full-Time Faculty - University of Waterloo Participating Faculty
  • Mario Boido, PhD
  • Maria del Carmen Sillato, PhD
  • Monica Leoni, PhD
  • Sergio Rivera-Ayala, PhD
  • Regina Vera-Quinn, BEd

Note: SP Courses

By agreement, students at WLU and U of W can be expected to take courses in Spanish at either university. While most language courses are taught concurrently every year at both universities, most other courses are taught at one university or the other, and a few courses may rotate from year to year. Consult the undergraduate officer in Spanish. Before graduation, students must complete the requirements of their home university and faculty.

Course Offerings
Course #TitleCredits
SP100 Introduction to Spanish 1.0
SP101 Introduction to Spanish I 0.5
SP102 Introduction to Spanish II 0.5
SP200 Study Abroad 1.0
SP201 Intermediate Spanish I 0.5
SP202 Intermediate Spanish II 0.5
SP220 Topics in Spanish Culture 0.5
SP222 Modern Spanish Literature 0.5
SP223 Early Spanish Literature 0.5
SP227 Introduction to Latin American Poetry and Drama 0.5
SP228 Introduction to Latin American Prose 0.5
SP301 Composition and Conversation I 0.5
SP302 Composition and Conversation II 0.5
SP303 Business Spanish I 0.5
SP304 Business Spanish II 0.5
SP322 The Generation of '98: Fiction 0.5
SP324 A Journey Through Multicultural Spain 0.5
SP325 Contemporary Spanish Literature and Culture 0.5
SP326 The Spanish Golden Age: Drama 0.5
SP327 Cervantes and His Time 0.5
SP328 Contemporary Hispanic Theatre 0.5
SP333 Modern Latin American Poetry 0.5
SP334 Modern Latin American Prose 0.5
SP335 Spanish and Latin American Cinema 0.5
SP365 Spanish Identity through Literature 0.5
SP366 The Latin American Short Story 0.5
SP387 Latin American Women Writers 0.5
SP390 Introduction to Spanish Business Translation 0.5
SP400 Latin American Testimonial Literature 0.5
SP401 Advanced Composition and Conversation I 0.5
SP402 Advanced Composition and Conversation II 0.5
SP405 Gender and Social Representations in 19th-Century Spain 0.5
SP410 Visual Culture in the Contemporary Hispanic World 0.5
SP436 Reading Across the Genre Divide 0.5
SP438 Special Topics 0.5
SP445 History of the Spanish Language 0.5
SP446 Love in Medieval Spanish Literature 0.5
SP450 Theory and Practice of Translation 0.5
SP451 Stylistics and Professional Writing 0.5
SP461 Hispanic Linguistics 0.5
SP465 Literature and Journalism in the Hispanic World 0.5
SP466 Subversive Narratives in the Hispanic World 0.5
SP467 Directed Studies 0.5
SP490 Advanced Translation 0.5
SP497 The Novel in Latin America 0.5
SP498 Literary Adaptation in Hispanic Cinema 0.5