Academic & Related Dates
Fall Term 2018 - 12-week courses

May, 2018
1Application deadline for students requiring "Application for Admission" for part-time studies for fall term (not applicable to incoming Letter of Permission students)
June, 2018

Faculty of Education  course selection begins at 10:00 a.m.

11New Incoming Undergraduate Year 1 Students - course registration opens at 10:00 a.m.
Jun 25 - Jun 28

UPPER YEAR STUDENTS begin to register for fall and winter courses. Access open until last day to add courses in the applicable term. When available, specific times and dates will be announced on the Enrolment Services website.

July, 2018
16Last day to register in at least one fall course without the late registration fee (including online learning)
August, 2018
1Application to Graduate form (without late fee) is due for Fall Convocation.
Aug 2 - Oct 1Late penalty fee applies on Application to Graduate forms received for Fall Convocation.
7Online learning course materials available for pick-up for courses beginning in fall and fall/winter (full-year) courses
13Registrations in online learning courses received after this date will not be guaranteed for delivery of materials prior to the beginning of the term
September, 2018
3Labour Day
4Co-op work term begins
6Fall term and full-year classes begin
Sep 6 - Sep 12If you drop/withdraw from 12-week course(s) during this time period, no tuition charge
6Tuition fees due for courses beginning in fall
10Last day for Year 2 students to apply to co-op options in Arts, Science and the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
Sep 13 - Sep 19If you drop/withdraw during this time period, you are responsible for 10% tuition (assessed at course rate)
19Last day to add 12-week and full-year courses (including online learning)
Sep 20 - Nov 7If you drop/withdraw during this time period, you are responsible for 55% tuition (assessed at course rate)
October, 2018
1Last day to submit Application to Graduate form (penalty fee applies) for fall convocation. No forms will be accepted after this date
Oct 9 - Oct 12

Fall Reading Week

Oct 25 - Oct 31If you drop/withdraw from second 6-week courses, no tuition charge
Oct 26 - Oct 27Fall convocation (Waterloo)
30Fall convocation (Brantford)
November, 2018
7Last day to drop/withdraw without failure and for possible tuition adjustment (assessed at course rate)
December, 2018
3Make-up Monday class for Thanksgiving
412th Tuesday class
5Last day of classes
Dec 6 - Dec 7Study days
Dec 8 - Dec 21Final examination period - Students are advised not to make travel commitments during this time period
20Last day to return online learning videotapes, video CDRoms and DVDs for refund
21Fall term ends
Dec 22 - Jan 1University closed
28Co-op work term ends
January, 2019
Jan 28 - Feb 2Fall term deferred examination period. An appeal for a deferred examination must be submitted to the academic unit in which the course is offered. The deferred examination dates are confirmed, if approved, in writing from the petitions committee.