Mare Nostrum: Mediterranean Travels
1.0 Credit - Intersession

Taught in English. This is a full-credit class open to all Arts students in years 2, 3 and 4. This Study Abroad experience will offer students the opportunity to explore the cultural heritage of European cities as well as the current expressions of multicultural societies. Depending on years and instructors, MI288* will include a trip to France, Spain or Italy. The course’s objective is to introduce students to what constitutes the legacy of the Mediterranean World and its impact today on the elite and popular cultures of European countries. The course will help students build a critical approach to the ways European cities are combining millennial-old traditions, more recent inputs from post-colonialism and contemporary multicultural trends. The course will start with a series of class lectures at Laurier in preparation for the trip to Europe. Planned activities include visits to Archeological sites, Art Centers, Artist’s Studios and lectures related to architecture, social history, cuisine, music and dance, theatre, social life.

Additional Course Information
Students must be in Year 2, Year 3 or Year 4. Minimum overall GPA of 7.00
Travel course