Foundational Vocal Techniques (Voice Majors)
0.25 Credit

Hours per week:
  • Lecture/Discussion: 2

Aspects of Voice instruction common to all singers, including: overall alignment and vocal production, basic functional vocal anatomy (in relation to breath and support, phonation, articulation and diction), care of the voice, and IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) to support accurate and idiomatic learning of vocal repertoire in multiple languages. The course introduces students to moveable do solfege, but the emphasis is on singing and fluency (clear tone production, singing in tune) not sight- singing. Additional foundational skills include steps to learning a song, song maps, and memorization techniques etc. This course is designed for first year students whose primary instrument is voice, or those with prior voice training.

Additional Course Information
Admission to the Faculty of Music
MU190 @R or MU196 @ R or MU196C @ RC or permission of the instructor.
MU102A, MU136, MU145A, MU194
This course is intended for trained singers. Students whose principal instrument is not voice, but whose prior voice training would make them better suited to this course should request permission of the instructor.