Capstone Seminar
0.5 Credit

The Capstone course is the required culminating course of the Master of Education degree program. Using the lens of the four program objectives, this course requires participants to integrate knowledge developed throughout the courses taken in the program. Students will engage in presentations relevant to individual lines of inquiry and formulate a defining narrative linking program learning to objectives. Students who successfully completed EU597 will generate a summary of their research for public presentation.

Students in the Students Affairs field will complete this capstone seminar by identifying a problem/issue in an area of specialization (e.g., Accessibility services, Indigenous student life, gendered violence prevention and support, community service learning, the student affairs profession). Possible solutions based on current programs/services will be proposed and students will develop a plan for the implementation of their chosen solution. Students will synthesize content and apply skills learned throughout the program, culminating in a final presentation. For students who completed EU597, the synthesis project will focus on their research topic. 

Additional Course Information
Part-time MEd students: Completion of all other coursework (Interdisciplinary: 4 required courses and 3 electives; Student Affairs: 5 required courses and 2 electives). Full-time MEd students: Completion of all other course work with the exception of their final elective. Students enrolled in the full-time MEd program are permitted to take their final elective in the same term as EU598.