Quantitative Research Methods
0.5 Credit

This course provides an introduction to quantitative research designs and statistical principles used in educational research, including survey techniques, correlational designs and experimental methods for investigating causal relations. Topics related to the general linear model are addressed, including simple and multiple regression, analysis of variance, confidence intervals and tests of significance. Decision making with respect to reliability and validity, violation of assumptions, and related issues are considered in the context of examples in educational research. First-year students intending to take EU597 will finalize their research question and conduct their literature review as part of this course. Second-year students enrolled in EU597 will analyze quantitative data if appropriate.

Additional Course Information
EU501 - Investigating the Relationship Between Theory and Practice; EU502 - Interpreting Research in Education
May be substituted with a quantitative methods course from another Laurier graduate program if not offered within the calendar year in the Faculty of Education.