Music Therapy Internship I
1.5 Credits

Hours per week:
  • Lecture/Discussion: 3

This course is a full-time, pre-professional clinical placement in a community setting, providing students with the opportunity to complete Part I of their internship through the Canadian Association of Music Therapists. It is expected that students will work approximately 500 clinical hours, including 130-150 hours of direct client contact. Students integrate their clinical musicianship into the planning and facilitation of group and individual music therapy sessions while learning to sustain collaborative and collegial relationships with interdisciplinary healthcare professionals. Students develop clinical documentation skills according to their site's specific practices, participate in professional development activities, put ethical standards into daily practice, and develop their capacity for reflexivity and the safe and effective use of self. Students receive 15 hours of individual clinical supervision from a qualified music therapy supervisor.

Additional Course Information
MU455A°, MU455C°, MU453, MU464.