Foundations of Clinical Musicianship
0.5 Credit

Hours per week:
  • Lecture/Discussion: 3

This is the first of two courses focused upon the development of students' clinical musicianship, that is, the effective use of music and musicianship within therapeutic settings. Grounded in music-centred approaches to music therapy, course content is largely experiential, and highlights introductory principles of clinical improvisation, as well as the clinical use of pre- composed songs, arranging, and songwriting, specifically targeted towards work with children. Techniques for the facilitation of music listening experiences in music therapy are also introduced. Through workshopping repertoire and techniques, and exploring the musical content from clinical case studies, students gain the essential musical skills needed for their simultaneous and subsequent placements, while developing the ability to make musical decisions that are grounded in clinical intention.

Additional Course Information
Year 3 standing in the Music Therapy program.