Introduction to Opera
1.0 Credit

Hours per week:
  • Lecture/Discussion: 3

An introduction to all aspects of the operatic art form, including other genres of music theatre. Through experiential learning,students acquire the foundations of stagecraft, including acting, role preparation, stage makeup and movement. The intensive week of rehearsal for the main stage production is during winter term Reading Week. It is designed for voice majors who normally have already completed 2 years of university level studio voice instruction, and in some cases, piano majors with an interest in opera coaching and collaborative pianism. While the course is required for performance majors, it is also open to all voice (and piano) majors interested in growing their skill in this highly collaborative art form. The course essentially functions as a paraprofessional working experience where students learn the tools of the operatic trade, equipping them with the fundamental foundational skills for the kinds of portfolio careers that may await them post-graduation.

Additional Course Information
Reasonable knowledge of French, and German or Italian. MU190A@R (Voice) or successful audition.
MU298* may not be taken concurrently with another large ensemble (MUX81, MUX82).