Musical Skills Lab II
0.25 Credit

Hours per week:
  • Lab: 2

A continuation of MU137. MU236 facilitates the acquisition of the Musical Skills sequence-level objectives in diatonic and chromatic music of increased complexity. Melodies will include stepwise motion in all diatonic seventh chords and skips within the tonic and dominant triads, in the major and minor modes, in simple and compound meters, including beat subdivisions and syncopation. Melodies with embellishing tones and those that tonicize or modulate to the dominant or relative major are also included. Rhythmic exercises will include triplet subdivisions and syncopation in simple and compound meters, polyrhythms (2:3), and simple meters with half-note beats and compound meters with dotted- half-note beats.

Additional Course Information
MU236° may be challenged for credit.