Theory III and IV
1.0 Credit - Spring

Hours per week:
  • Lecture/Discussion: 9

MU264* delivers the course content of MU266 and MU268 within an intensive 8-week time frame. The course introduces chromatic harmonies and their role in the Phrase Model including the Neapolitan chord, augmented sixth chords, chromatically-altered chords, and common-tone chords; modulation to closely-related, distant, and enharmonic keys; and chromatic sequences and chromatic contrary motion. It also introduces binary, small and large ternary, minuet and trio, sonata, and sonata-rondo paradigms, and explores their compositional realizations and constituent sub-structures through harmonic and form-functional analysis. The course faciilitates acquisition of harmonization skill and develops proficiency in active listening, audiation, and form analysis.

Additional Course Information
MU266 and MU268.