1.0 Credit

Students select an appropriate topic, design and carry out research, and write a thesis demonstrating competence in both content and method. Students meet regularly as a group with the instructor, and individually with a faculty advisor. All students wishing to complete a thesis must apply to the department chair for admission to PS499* by April 1 of Year 3. Decisions about admission to this course will be based on a consideration of grades, appropriate preparation for a thesis and the availability of supervisors. Decisions will be made by June 1 of that year. All students not admitted to PS499* must take an additional credit in psychology at the 300 or 400 level, in order to fulfil the Honours Psychology requirements.

Additional Course Information
Two of PS394, PS395, PS397, PS398, PS487, one of which must be either PS394 or PS395. Registration status: Year 4 Honours BA Psychology: Research Specialist, Honours BSc Psychology and Neuroscience, all joint BSc Psychology programs.