Global Experience Post-Placement
0.25 Credit - Fall

Hours per week:
  • Lecture/Discussion: 3

This course is a requirement for students enrolled either in the IES program or the Arts Global Experience (AGX), and is not open to other students. Students will be guided through a debriefing process to connect their experiential learning with their academic studies. Building on reflective assignments completed during placement, they will explore tools and approaches to tell the stories of their learning, culminating in at least one presentation to an audience at the university or in the wider community. Refer to the Calendar for minimum requirements for participation in the AGX; details about the approval process are available on the Global Studies website.

Additional Course Information
GS391°, and either one of GS392 or GS393*.
Registration is available with approval of the AGX Co-ordinator, and requires proof that the studentís placement has been completed.
This course is completed in the six-week semester that starts at the beginning of September.