Introduction to Social Science Research Methods
0.5 Credit

Hours per week:
  • Lecture/Discussion: 3

An introduction to social science research methods, designed to enable students to critically evaluate social science research as well as to prepare them for more specialized courses in qualitative and quantitative research. In exploring social science methods, the course will look at qualitative and quantitative approaches and a variety of methodological techniques. Students will learn about the research design process, including selecting the most appropriate techniques, framing research questions, applying ethical principles, and the collection, analysis, and interpretation of empirical data. For quantitative research, students will become familiar with multiple forms of data collection such as surveys, experiments, and secondary data analysis. For qualitative research, students will learn about techniques such as field observations, interviews, and textual analysis. Throughout the course, students will examine the advantages and limitations of different research approaches and techniques. (Cross-listed as CC233 and HS233).

Additional Course Information
Registration status: senior student
CC233, HS233, PD300.