Capstone Course in Social Entrepreneurship
1.0 Credit - Fall/Winter

Hours per week:
  • Lecture/Discussion: 3

The aim of this course is to complete and consolidate the experiential and in-class learning that has been achieved through the SE Option, and to assist students in making the transition from studying social entrepreneurship to becoming real-world social entrepreneurs. The course will emphasize leadership, social responsibility, and personal and social change. In the fall semester, students will undertake a volunteer placement with a local social enterprise and initiate a mentoring relationship with a social entrepreneur of their choice.* Students will develop concrete SE ventures and pursue opportunities to pitch their proposals to experts in their field and potential funders. Before the end of the course, they will launch their own social enterprise or a trial version thereof.

Additional Course Information
SE300; registration status: Year 4.
*When GS399 is taken concurrently, an expanded-hours version of the GS399 placement can be undertaken as sufficient for both courses, provided that the placement is a social enterprise.
3 lecture hours over two terms