International Placement Orientation: Introduction to the Culture, History and Traditions of Your Host Country
0.25 Credit

This course focuses on practical preparation for students for a four-month residency in a different culture and social work milieu. Travelling to and living in a new country can offer multiple learning opportunities and challenges. An important aspect of preparation is learning some of the history of the country where the student will reside. Through this individually-oriented review and seminar discussion, students examine the political and social environments with which they need to become familiar. The course also engages with students on issues of health and safety, assessing and managing risk, navigating relationships and ethical dilemmas in the field. This course is a direct segue into SK622 - Personal and Professional Identity: Reflexivity and Growth in International Context and the major assignment will be the preparation of a background paper that describes and analyses the historical and contemporary conditions and issues of their host country. A final grade (pass/fail) is determined through student participation as well as the background paper and presentation.

Additional Course Information
Available only to students who have been selected for an International Placement.