Field 2 (360 hrs in 12 wks)
1.5 Credits

A supervised field experience which assists students to develop competencies relevant to social work practice. The student together with Practicum Instructor will assess the student's work in the field experience looking at ratings of communications skills, assessment skills, use of general knowledge in practice, utilization of theories in practice, socio-cultural sensitivity when dealing with others, effective interventions, establishment of working relationship with people, reflexive and reflective practice. Graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.

Includes Practice Seminar - integration of experiences with concepts, skills, and perspectives towards the development of a student's conceptual framework of practice. Students must pass both the Field Practicum learning assessment and the Field Seminar participation assessment to successfully pass SK499‡.

Additional Course Information
Prerequisite: SK399‡ and registration status: Year 4 BSW program.