Theories of Correctional Justice
0.5 Credit

Hours per week:
  • Lecture/Discussion: 3

In this course, learners will examine the principles and practice of corrections and community justice in Canada, including the structure, organization, policies, practices and community justice alternatives that presently exist. The learner will also be introduced to historical and present-day political and economic developments that have impacted the mandates, programs, outcomes, and contemporary issues facing the systems of corrections at both the federal and provincial levels. In addition, learners will assess current practices in corrections, including offender population classification, management of exceptional offenders, release and reintegration, restorative justice initiatives, victim-offender mediation, family-group conferencing, multi-party mediation, Indigenous healing circle remedies, and the skills required of corrections and community justice workers.

Additional Course Information
0.5 credit selected from the following courses: HR260/SOJE260, HS200, MB109/OL109, MB200/OL200, SAFE200