Leadership Case Study Capstone
0.5 Credit

Hours per week:
  • Lecture/Discussion: 3

This capstone course provides students an opportunity to draw upon the leadership theories, models, and concepts discussed in their previous leadership courses to analyze the challenges, opportunities, and decisions facing today's leaders. The course also brings a "forward looking orientation" to discussions, so that students identify future challenges facing leaders. Using a "knowing, doing, and being" framework, students will develop an action orientation to leading and leadership. In addition, the course has a personal leadership development perspective where students identify and develop a plan for developing their leadership capabilities for the future.

Additional Course Information
Registration status: Year 3 or Year 4; (MB109/OL109 or MB200/OL200), OL140, OL224.

Senate/Editorial Changes

June 2, 2021: Pre-requisite updated (new course code, SAPC approval Jan 2021)