The Changing North: Subarctic Ecosystems in the Face of Climate Warming
0.5 Credit

An intensive field-based program that will investigate the integrated ecosystem responses of sub-arctic systems in the Northwest Territories to recent warming in terrestrial, aquatic, and wetland environments. A central theme of the course will be permafrost and the thaw and degradation processes that are happening with warming as these cryotic changes have far-reaching consequences for associated ecosystem processes and functions. Students will design and implement a study and statistically analyse the data for the purpose of a scientific report.

Additional Course Information
Any Honours Biology Program, prior completion of at least 10.0 credits and permission of the department.
The course is offered in the last two weeks of August; application to the Biology field course co-ordinator for permission to register in the course must be completed in January. Consult the department for extra fees that will be required.