Field Learning Option
1.0 Credit

This course will be adapted to meet the needs of individual students for whom field experience in a particular setting will advance their ability to conduct rigorous research that will have relevance for social work practice. It can be taken by students in either field of study; for example, it may focus on advanced clinical practice, policy issues or international development among other possibilities. The student is responsible for identifying the setting, negotiating the details of the role and submitting a written proposal for the Field Learning Option to the PhD Committee for approval. A written paper related to the field learning experience and the student's program of study will be required. This paper will be graded by an individual approved by the PhD Committee who meets criteria for membership in Laurier's Graduate Faculty. The grade assigned to the paper will be the grade assigned for the course. Normally, full-time students must complete the option by the end of term four. Students choosing the Field Learning Option will be exempt from SK820 - Doctoral Seminar and the required elective course.

Additional Course Information
New course effective September 2012