Canadian Internship/Field Placement
0.5 Credit

This course combines participation in an internship or field placement with a human rights- or human diversity-related organization with the academic requirements of a senior undergraduate course. It is the student's responsibility to locate, obtain, and cover all costs associated with the internship. To receive academic credit for the placement, the placement must be pre-approved by the program co-ordinator. It is normally expected that the placement will be least 4 weeks or 160 hours in length, the student will write a formal research paper based upon the experience, and the student will make a presentation to an undergraduate class based on what he or she learned from the experience. The grade for this course will be based on an evaluation of the research paper and the presentation.

Additional Course Information
Permission of the Human Rights and Human Diversity program co-ordinator prior to beginning the internship; HR100 or HR260/SOJE260 and registration status: Year 3 or Year 4; and minimum GPA of 7.0 at the time of application.
This course will be defined as either a Category I or a Category II elective for the Human Rights and Human Diversity program at the time of registration based upon the nature of the placement.