Honours Thesis Research in Chemistry and Biochemistry
1.5 Credits

An honours thesis research study of a topic under faculty supervision. The course involves submission of two formal reports (introduction and full thesis) and delivery of three formal presentations based on original research results (proposal, results seminar and poster).

Additional Course Information
CH390 (recommended); Registration status: Year 4 Honours Chemistry with Thesis or Year 4 Honours Biochemistry and Biotechnology with Thesis, or permission of both the department and instructor.
All students wishing to complete a thesis must apply to the department chair for admission to CH490. Contact the chair for application procedures and deadlines. Decisions re: admission to this course will be based on a consideration of grades, appropriate preparation for a thesis and the availability of supervisors and will be made by May 1 of the year preceding CH490 enrollment. Preference will be given to students with a minimum cumulative Chemistry GPA of 7.00.
12 lab hours
Irregular course