Public Sector Organizations
0.5 Credit

Hours per week:
  • Lecture/Discussion: 3

This course examines, in depth, a range of public sector organizations in Canada, including government departments, crown corporations, commissions, agencies and foundations. Topics for this course may include the politics administration dichotomy, the role of Deputy Ministers and CEOs, the differences between line departments and central agencies, the nature of democratic and ministerial accountability in Westminster systems of government, the rise and role of New Public Management in Canada and the role that the bureaucracy plays in democratic theory. Students completing this course will be familiar with practical and conceptual issues facing the full suite of public sector organizations in Canada.

Additional Course Information
MB109/OL109, OL224 and OL370 recommended.

Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Academic Planning Committee Revision February 21, 2017OL109/MB109 Cross-listing with JN deleted; effective September 1, 2017.