Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2015/2016
Canadian Excellence

Human Physiology II: Control & Integration
0.5 Credit - Winter

Hours per week:
  • Lecture/Discussion: 3
  • Tutorial/Seminar: 2

The mechanisms, control and integration of human physiological processes at the genetic, cellular, tissue, organ and whole body levels of organization will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on understanding how the nervous and endocrine systems coordinate cardiovascular, renal, respiratory and reproductive processes, metabolism and other processes to maintain homeostasis.

Additional Course Information
HN220 or KP220 (or BI216 or HE211).
BI217, HS340.

Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Revision April 15, 2015: HN320 New course; effective September 1, 2015.