Human Anatomy
0.5 Credit

Hours per week:
  • Lecture/Discussion: 3
  • Lab: 2

A lecture and laboratory-based course with emphasis on structure, function, and clinical implications. This course incorporates a detailed examination of the upper limb, lower limb and trunk/pelvis musculoskeletal anatomy as well as the nervous, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. Laboratory activity includes examination of tissues and organs at the macroscopic level using models, images and dissection of representative animal organs. (Cross-listed as HN210.)

Additional Course Information
BI210, BI221, BI222, HE210, HS202, HS204, KP221, KP222 and KP223.

Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Revision April 15, 2015: KP223/HN210 Now cross-listed, title, description, prerequisite and exclusion changes; effective September 1, 2015.